Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Disposable Shoe Cover

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Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Disposable Shoe Cover

When it comes to buying a new set of shoe covers, it’s always best to do some research beforehand. Shoe covers worn by realtors when showing a home can be very different than protective coverings worn by doctors in the operating room. Before you take the next step in buying disposable shoe covers, ask yourself these three questions to determine what qualities you need out of your brand new purchase. 

  1. Do I Need Non-Slip Soles?

Whether it’s a hospital, daycare, or construction site,  the use of non-slip shoe covers can help maintain worker safety and uphold workplace standards. The use of slip-resistant technology ensures that the wearer has a solid footing while optimizing maximum protection and efficiency. While many industries require the need for non-slip footwear, some projects stand to benefit from lightweight shoe covers without added slip protection. If you’re worried about tracking mud from an outdoor project into the home or looking to protect your shoes during a DIY paint job, a standard shoe cover could be perfect for you. Ask yourself what specific needs your next project entails before deciding to purchase either a standard shoe cover or a product with non-slip protection.

  1. Am I Dealing With Liquids?

Anyone who has worked in a hospital probably has a story or two about fluid-related accidents (bodily or otherwise). Healthcare workers stand to benefit greatly from fluid-resistant shoe covers to protect their footwear and reduce contamination. While hospitals are perhaps the biggest benefactor of liquid-resistant shoe covers, other industries can take advantage of these protective products. For example, workers in industrial gardening or childcare come into contact with a wide variety of fluids or wet materials. The use of water-resistant shoe covers can help protect employees and should be a major factor when deciding which protective product to purchase. 

  1. Will I Need to Frequently Change Shoe Covers?

In some industries, cross-contamination is a major concern. Construction workers likely pay no mind if sawdust from one job site finds its way to another location, but the story isn’t the same for other industries. Fields like healthcare, childcare, and gardening take cross-contamination very seriously. For this reason, shoe covers must be frequently changed when moving from one sterile area to another. When deciding which shoe cover to purchase, ask yourself this question and see if you would benefit from a hands-free shoe cover dispenser. This device requires zero electricity and allows for easy application in seconds. If you’re looking to go a step further to maximize efficiency, automatic shoe cover removers make the transition between sterile areas a breeze. 

Trust the Professionals

At Shoe Cover Magic, we have a wide variety of products guaranteed to meet the needs of your next project or workplace. Whether you’re looking for non-slip shoe covers, automatic dispensers, or water-resistant protection, the professionals at Shoe Cover Magic have exactly what you need. Visit our site to see a full range of our products or speak with a consultant today

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