Why Are Shoe Covers Used in Hospitals?

Nurse and doctor wearing protective shoe covers

Why Are Shoe Covers Used in Hospitals?

Hospitals are probably the first place you think of when it comes to shoe covers. While shoe covers provide value in a wide range of industries, it’s natural that hospitals and the medical field come to mind first because they must be as clean and sanitary as possible to keep patients as healthy as they can be. For that reason, hospitals use shoe covers and all other forms of PPE. 

Many patients in hospitals have weakened immune systems or are on certain antibiotics or steroids that can increase their risks of infection. Because of this, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff must do all they can to help protect their patients from additional germs and infection-causing bacteria. A great way to do this is through PPE – including gloves, masks, and shoe covers.

Hospital staff knows that they must take the necessary precautions to help keep their patients safe. This includes changing gloves after an examination with a patient is complete or after touching a wound. In addition, doctors and nurses never use the same pair of gloves on more than one patient to prevent cross-contamination and lower the chances of spreading germs to another patient. They also wash their hands before and after using gloves. 

Shoe covers are similar. Hospital staff will put shoe covers on when entering a room and remove them when going back to the hallway, especially when the patient has an infection or a weakened immune system. This prevents germs from spreading from room to room, which can happen instantly in a hospital. When taking proper precautions with shoe covers, it’s crucial never to wear your shoes in more than one environment and only use them once. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of gloves or a disposable mask twice, and the same rules apply to shoe covers.

If you work in the medical field and are looking for the best shoe covers for your hospital, let us know. We offer 16 shoe cover options with features that can benefit any industry, particularly the healthcare industry. From anti-skid to anti-static and waterproof options, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We also offer hands-free dispensers and removers to maximize efficiency and reduce the chances of cross-contamination while limiting the need to touch soiled shoe booties. In addition, our hands-free system is 7x faster than the industry standard, allowing your workers to focus on their patients rather than their necessary PPE protocols. 

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