Automatic Shoe Cover Dispensers and Shoe Covers For Medical Professionals

Shoe Cover Magic stocks a wide range of medical shoe covers that have been designed to protect the sanitation status of any healthcare environment. Our shoe covers have a broad range of features, including waterproof, non-waterproof, and skid resistant. Our disposable shoe booties are available in one-size-fits-all (up to men’s size 15 shoe), as well as our “sure fit” for smaller shoe sizes.

Top Benefits


There are plenty of benefits from using our shoe cover dispensers and disposable shoe covers in the Medical Industry, including:


1. Ensuring a more sanitary environment for customers and patients.

2. Protecting employees from exposure to infectious or hazardous material on the floor, such as chemical spills, or human waste. 

3. Saving employees time by applying shoe covers using our hands-free automatic shoe cover dispensers; they are FASTER, SAFER, and CLEANER than sitting on benches or leaning against walls.

4. Stopping medical personnel from tracking harmful germs and contaminants into their homes that have made contact with the bottom of their shoes.


Our Medical Shoe Covers


We offer 15 different shoe cover models, each with direct benefits for certain industries, including shoe covers that are completely waterproof, skid-proof, or durable for extra-long wear.


Who Can Benefit from Our Shoe Cover Dispensers and Shoe Covers? 


Professionals in any area of the medical industry can benefit from our hands-free shoe cover dispensers and shoe covers. 


1. Medical Manufacturing:


Medical manufacturing environments require a strict level of sanitation to protect the manufacturing of medical tools and equipment used in medical procedures. Prevent contaminants from being tracked onto the manufacturing floor by using our hands-free automatic shoe cover dispenser and shoe covers. Alongside hair bonnets, disposable gowns, and gloves, disposable shoe covers are essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and play a crucial role in preventing the spread of germs via footwear. 


2. Clean Rooms and Laboratories:


In facilities, biohazards and toxic substances are present, so it is vital to keep medical staff safe, help reduce human error, and prevent cross-contamination of lab specimens used for testing. Keep labs and clean rooms pristine and free from contamination with lab shoe covers and cleanroom shoe covers, which can be easily applied and removed using our shoe cover dispensers. 


3. Veterinary Clinics


Protect all parties in a veterinary clinic with shoe covers that help safeguard animals against exposure to bacteria on human shoes and protect people against diseases that an animal may have brought in. 

The floors of veterinary clinics are likely to be contaminated by animal urine, discharge, vomit, or more, so veterinary PPE like shoe covers protects staff and their shoes from contact with infectious or hazardous material. Plus, non-slip shoe covers help prevent any accidents on a wet floor. 


4. Pharmaceutical Environments and Pharmacies


Although the surfaces and equipment in pharmacies are frequently sanitized, they receive a lot of foot traffic, making exposure to germs from the floor a risk. Plus, customers visiting pharmacies are often ill or immuno-compromised, so pharmacy staff members benefit from taking extra precautions to ensure appropriate sanitation. 


Shoe covers and hands-free dispensers and removers allow pharmacy employees to easily put on and remove shoe covers without touching them, avoiding contact with any germs on the floor while ensuring compliance with USP <800> and <797> regulations.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers cannot risk their exposing their products to contaminants. Any medication made for human consumption must be entirely safe, so employees must take extra steps to protect their work environment. Non-slip and waterproof shoe covers are also available to prevent accidents caused by liquid spills on the floor. 


5. Hospitals


Wearing shoe covers in hospitals are essential to a medical employee’s PPE. Keeping patients as healthy as possible is every healthcare facility’s aim, so hospital staff must take extra precautions to prevent patient exposure to germs and bacteria. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals working in Operating rooms, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, or Oncology Departments can change their shoe covers from ward to ward or room to room. Doing so with our shoe cover dispensers is FASTER and SAFER and prevents the spread of germs to high-risk patients. 


Automated hands-free shoe cover dispensers save them the time removing and applying the booties and, importantly, prevent staff from direct contact with possible contaminated surfaces. 


6. Dental Offices 


With a steady supply of shoe covers, there’s no need for Dentists, Dental Assistants, or Hygienists to keep a set of dental office shoes to wear in the clinic. Our automated dispensers make changing shoe booties regularly a breeze, saving staff time on disinfecting their shoes between appointments. Patients also appreciate the extra dedication toward a healthy and sanitary environment. 


7. Medical Cannabis


Medical Cannabis facilities are required to provide medically-safe, uncontaminated cannabis to their customers. To protect their products from germs and bacteria, employees should diligently use PPE. Step-in shoe covers stop dirt from being tracked through sterile environments to protect the integrity of the product. 

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Our medical shoe covers and dispensers will help you protect the integrity of your sanitary environment, keeping your patients, products, and employees safe.

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