The Importance of Shoe Covers in Labs

Scientist wearing PPE measuring out substances in a sanitary lab.

The Importance of Shoe Covers in Labs

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for entry into most scientific labs. PPE can include a hair bonnet, face mask, disposable gown, gloves, and shoe covers. Shoe covers have been considered essential PPE for maintaining a sterile and clean environment for a lab. 

The use of shoe covers as PPE is recommended for use in human hospitals to protect healthcare workers from bloody and bodily fluid contamination. If you work in a medical, laboratory, clean room, chemical, or emergency response environment, the hazards being faced are more diverse and complicated. In labs, if you face liquid biohazards or other toxic substances, you want safety shoe covers that are safe for wet toxins. If the lab floor is often covered with water or other non-toxic liquid, you will wish to have non-skid protected shoe covers. It is essential to understand the hazards being faced so you can pick the correct shoe cover. 

Using a shoe cover dispenser is a crucial requirement for labs because keeping the area clean and preventing cross-contamination is vital. A shoe cover dispenser installs shoe covers and protects floors from contaminated shoes. A shoe cover dispenser is also a time saver. It takes an average of 35 seconds to put on a pair of shoe covers manually. Our shoe cover dispenser takes an average of 5 seconds. A shoe cover dispenser not only saves time but also keeps the entire staff of a lab safe. 

Working in a lab can be difficult because when working and testing various things, it is vital to reduce any human error. Cross-contamination and unsterilized surfaces are due to large amounts of human error, which can then ruin and scrap any work or progress made. Personal protective equipment is a straightforward way to reduce human error, and that is why shoe covers are so important when working in a lab. 

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