Why Dentist Offices Should Use Shoe Covers

Sanitary Dentist office with medical equipment.

Why Dentist Offices Should Use Shoe Covers

Keeping patients and medical staff healthy should always be the first priority of any healthcare business. At Shoe Cover Magic, we know how important it is to take precautions and minimize the spread of contaminants to keep everyone safe, no matter what your industry is. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, at the dentist, or at a place of business, we have a solution for all situations. In this post, we outline a few reasons why dentist offices should use shoe covers. 

First, providing dental staff with shoe covers in-office is an economical solution that cuts down on clutter and waste. The staff doesn’t have to bring a second pair of shoes to wear home while working and shoe covers prevent workers from having to disinfect shoes frequently. The covers also take up little space in the trash which means disposal is a breeze. 

Placing one of our shoe cover dispensing units in your dental office lets patients use the covers as well and they’ll appreciate the extra precaution. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are nervous about stepping into healthcare facilities. Give your patients better peace of mind by offering easy to use and disposable shoe covers for them to wear as soon as they arrive.  

The easy and hands-free shoe dispenser means that patients and staff don’t have to sit down or try to balance when sliding on the shoe covers. Instead, all that’s needed is to place your shoe into the dispenser and pull it back. The shoe cover will then wrap itself around your shoe no matter what size or style. 

Our 3-step system makes it easy for your office to put on, wear, and dispose of shoe covers. First, choose a dispenser from one of our two size options, depending on the volume of your area. Then, select from a variety of different shoe covers based on the needs of your office. Finally, choose a shoe cover remover as a hands-free option to quickly remove the booties and prevent cross-contamination.    

If you’re interested in purchasing a Shoe Cover Magic dispensing system and shoe covers for your dental office, let’s get in touch. Visit the Products page on our website to learn more about the different options we offer or give us a call at (606) 393-0949 and our team will help you determine what’s best for your practice! 

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