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Our speedy, safe, and sanitary shoe cover systems make applying and removing shoe covers a breeze – and safer than ever before.

Welcome to Shoe Cover Magic!

How to Use the Dispenser

Shoe Cover Magic hands-free application device.

Powerful, hands-free shoe cover dispensers.

Our simple but powerful dispensers allow workers to put on shoe covers quickly, easily, and safely. No longer will you find workers cutting corners and putting themselves at risk of falling by balancing precariously on one foot or leaning against a wall.

Shoe booties that put safety first.

No more slips and trips. The most advanced and versatile shoe covers on the market, our booties are anti-skid and anti-static to serve industries across the board. Plus, we offer durable, waterproof booties to promote safety and functionality in any work environment.

Internet and cable technician shoes covered by plastic booties.
Shoe cover magic sanitation canisters.

Remove shoe covers without the hassle.

The remover is the final piece of the puzzle. By choosing a Shoe Cover Magic remover, you are choosing the magical ending to your perfect system. Our hands-free removers help protect against cross-contamination while giving you a speedy process to continue your day.

Our Mission

“Take care of the customer, and the rest will take care of itself.” – Gary Comer

At Shoe Cover Magic, we believe that the customer comes first. When you have satisfied customers, all good things follow. That’s why we created our speedy, safe, sanitary philosophy.

Industry Applications

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