Why Shoe Covers are Needed in the Food Processing Industry

Protective clothing for the food processing industry.

Why Shoe Covers are Needed in the Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry is composed of food factories, plants, and more that take raw ingredients and prepare them for edible consumption. With any industrial factory or plant, there are always risks of contamination that need to be minimized by wearing protective personal gear, such as shoe covers. This is especially true in the food processing industry where hygiene, safety, and sanitation must be a two-way street, protecting both the workers as well as the final consumers eating the food products. We’ve outlined a few reasons below as to why shoe covers are essential to those working in the food processing industry. 

Shoe Covers Help Prevent Contamination

Before entering into the food processing area, workers should wear shoe covers to prevent them from tracking any potential contaminants from their shoes into the processing area. Any sort of dirt or debris that is carried into the food facility or factory has the potential to be spread to other workers and can even end up contaminating the food products if the proper precautions are not taken. Wearing shoe covers is a proven way to reduce the spread of germs and contaminants. 

Wearing Shoe Covers Keeps Workers Safe

Many modern food manufacturers and processing facilities use chemicals, preservatives, and additives to increase the shelf life of certain food products, reduce bacteria growth, and enhance taste. While these chemicals may be necessary to the product line, they can also be harmful to workers if exposed to them in large quantities. Wearing shoe covers minimizes the risk of coming in contact with any of these chemicals if they spill, leak, or wind up on the floor in some way. 

Hands-Free Dispensers Increase Efficiency

With hands-free dispensers and removers, workers don’t have to use their hands in order to put on or take off their shoe covers. This also helps reduce the chance of contamination or spreading germs in the facility. An automated shoe cover application and removal system is about 7 times faster than the industry average, meaning that you’ll be able to increase efficiency and maximize profits in the long run. 

Shoe Cover Magic’s three-step system is one of the fastest, most efficient shoe cover application processes available. When workers in the food processing industry wear shoe covers, it helps to reduce potential contamination, keep workers and consumers safe, and maximize efficiency. To learn more about how our system can benefit your food production facility, visit our website or contact us to get a quote.

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