How Shoe Covers Help Protect Technology

Production workers wearing protective gear

How Shoe Covers Help Protect Technology

The technology industry is probably not your first thought when you think of shoe covers. While that is common, it’s essential for technology workers to use proper PPE to protect the pieces of equipment and ensure that your newest technological gadget works as well as possible.

Your phone, computer, tablet, and headphones have hundreds of working parts inside. Many pieces are minuscule but provide features that make your gadget work the way it’s intended. When putting these pieces together, whether by hand or through machines, it’s imperative that no dust or debris comes into contact with the components or gets lodged inside before it’s complete. If that were to happen, your phone, computer, or tablet would not work correctly. A small piece of dust or debris can severely damage the functionality and lifespan of your devices.

As such, workers on the assembly line should wear gloves, masks, hair nets, and shoe covers to ensure that no floating debris can lodge itself into your newest piece of technology.

This is not where the job ends, though. Once you receive your newest piece, you must care for it properly. There are small fans in computers that keep it from overheating. These fans, however, can move particles from the outside air into your computer or keyboard. When this happens, the pieces inside run hotter than usual, causing your computer to overheat and shorten its lifespan.

Consumers should take care of their devices by cleaning them every week. The easiest way to clean your computer and keyboard is by spraying compressed air into the cracks and crevices. Before cleaning, we recommend turning your computer off and unplugging it from your charger or power source. After you spray the compressed air and wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth, you can turn your computer back on and use it as usual. When this is performed weekly, your computer should run efficiently and effectively for its entire lifespan.

New technology is constantly hitting the market, and for the pieces to work correctly, there is certain care that must be placed into it – from the first step in the assembly line to the end-use project at home. If you work for a technological product manufacturer and are looking for the best shoe covers to add to your PPE lineup, reach out to us for a quote. The best new technology requires head-to-toe coverage from start to finish, and we are here to help.

Linda Westbrook

Linda Westbrook is the Sales Manager at Shoe Cover Magic. She has worked in Relationship Sales for over 30 years with 20+ years in Technology Solutions and Product Sales. Throughout her career, Linda has been determined to offer products that create a better work environment and improve productivity for the end-user and their organization. In her spare time, Linda loves spending time with her dog Sammy and reading. She wishes she could say she loves cooking but loves food delivery and her Total Gym.

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