How Shoe Covers Help the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

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How Shoe Covers Help the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

At Shoe Cover Magic, we offer shoe covers that can be used in more than 20 industries. Two very important industries that we supply shoe covers for are the biotechnology industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Within these environments, there is a very large emphasis on the need for cleanliness and safety and we are more than happy to be a step in the journey of making this an easier process. 


In the biotechnology industry, a large majority of the work is done is within a laboratory setting. There are many different fields that biotech is used in, but the most common is the medical and agricultural fields. 


Medical biotech is the largest source of revenue within the biotech industry, and as such, it receives the most investment and research dollars. There is a large demand for sanitation regarding medical biotech due to the common use of techniques such as gene cloning, directed genetic mutations, DNA sequencing, drug development, and more. In the agricultural biotech industry, the main focus is the improvement of crops. There is also a large demand for sanitation within this industry due to the common bioengineering of crop staples such as wheat, soybean, and tomatoes. 


Let’s turn to biotech’s counterpart, the pharmaceutical industry. As many know, the pharmaceutical industry is the primary developer of all of the drugs used to cure, vaccinate, and alleviate symptoms for patients. Proper sanitation is important in this industry in order to prevent cross-contamination and adulteration of drugs. Concerns the pharmaceutical industry must take into consideration are production hygiene, personal hygiene, and surface disinfection. 


In both biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, sanitation should be a top priority because the lack of sanitation could negatively affect product quality and end results. Both of these industries use different technologies that can accumulate germs and bacteria if not properly sanitized. With many different people working in these environments, such as a manufacturing plant or laboratory, the floors are commonplace for germs and bacteria to accumulate. 


Shoe Cover Magic offers a three-step solution for your sanitation needs. Our system makes putting on and removing shoe covers easier, and it also helps to eliminate the possibility of spreading germs while using shoe cover booties. Our automated dispensers can be used with any of the 16 shoe cover options. Once your pharmacy or biotech staff members are ready to take their shoe covers off for the day, or when changing the room or environment they are in, our automated shoe cover removers are here to help. With 20+ products available, Shoe Cover Magic is sure to meet your needs. To learn more about our system and get a quote, visit our website or contact us today! 

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