National Laundry Day 2022

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National Laundry Day 2022

A couple of weeks ago, the United States rejoiced – the first day of spring had finally arrived, regardless of the inconsistent weather! Now everyone has an itch for warmer temperatures, longer days, and if you’re anything like us, spring cleaning. April 15th is National Laundry Day which helps kick start the season of tidying up but we know that not everybody looks forward to it. If you’re in need of a little cleaning inspiration, whether it’s getting your family, roommates, or self ready for Laundry Day, check out our favorite tips, for both at-home washers and dryers and public laundromats.


If you’re lucky enough to have an in-house washer and dryer, try these tips out!

Put on Tidying Up

Admittedly, Marie Kondo’s hit TV series Tidying Up revolutionized how we all feel about cleaning! Popping on this Netflix show in the background while sorting your laundry can help redirect your focus from this boring task and transform it into an uplifting process! After everything is washed, dried, and ready to be folded, think about what articles of clothing spark joy. Keep the ones that do and donate the ones that don’t!

Motivate the Kids

Motivation is especially important for kids, regardless of their age. You know your kids best so keep in mind what motivates them and then set tasks for each child with accompanying prizes! Perhaps one separates the laundry, one folds, and both put everything away appropriately. Once it’s all done, each one gets a treat, a few minutes of TV time, or a dollar for their piggy bank – it’s up to you!

Set Goals for Yourself

If you live on your own or your kids aren’t quite old enough to help out, the endless tasks of everyday life can get overwhelming. Take a moment before you begin sorting through laundry and realistically set expectations for the day. Do you have time to get one, two, three, or more loads of laundry done today? Determine your priorities and take each task at a time.

At a Laundromat:

When using a public washer and dryer, we have one tip:

Stay Clean!

It’s no secret that proper sanitation measures must be in place in order for a successful laundry day; so, when going to a public laundromat, make sure you wash your hands (especially before transferring your clean clothes to the dryer and when removing them from the dryer!) and wear shoe covers. Whenever going into a widely used public space, we recommend wearing shoe covers to decrease the chance that germs can crawl their way from your shoes to your fresh laundry. If you can find a laundromat with a dispenser at the front door, even better!

We know doing the laundry isn’t the most exciting activity to do, especially on a nice day, but it’s a box on your list that needs to be checked so why not make it more enjoyable? Remember that cleaning your wardrobe can be a stress-relieving experience, not a stressful process. Whether you’re cleaning for yourself or a large family, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take it slow and accomplish what you are able to do with the time you have. Happy Laundry Day!

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