Shoe Covers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmacist handing a customer her prescription wearing a medical mask.

Shoe Covers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Shoe covers are practical and necessary forms of PPE across many industry areas, including the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it’s pharmaceutical manufacturing, working in the lab, or assisting customers in the pharmacy itself, preventing the spread of contaminants is key. The medical-grade shoe covers at Shoe Cover Magic are the perfect solution to keeping your pharmacy safe and sanitary.

Wearing shoe covers helps improve efficiency and sanitation within pharmacies. This ensures that both the workers and the customers are always kept safe. Additionally, pharmacies see a variety of patients, some of who may be immuno-compromised or more susceptible to becoming ill. Wearing shoe covers is an extra precaution that shows you put your customer’s health first. It also communicates industry professionalism and makes customers feel more secure. 

While surfaces and equipment can easily and routinely be sanitized, the floor is often a breeding ground for germs, dirt, and debris. With multiple pharmacists or technicians walking throughout the pharmacy, the chance for the spread of germs increases even more. Automatic shoe cover dispensers and removers can be a game-changer in a pharmacy. The dispensers and removers are hands-free, which means there’s no need to reach down and manually put on or take off shoe covers. This is especially important for pharmacists and techs who prepare and refill medications.

Implementing an automated shoe cover system in your pharmacy or lab is time efficient and has financial benefits. It only takes around five seconds to put the shoe covers on which means more time managing prescriptions and medications, and less time worrying about sanitation. This time saved will also help your pharmaceutical company save money in the long run. 

Shoe Cover Magic offers a three-step solution that makes putting on and removing shoe covers a breeze. Our automated dispensers can be used with any of our many shoe cover options. Once your pharmacy staff members are ready to take the shoe covers off for the day, our automated shoe cover removers are ready. The entire process is hands-free, so you’ll never be handling soiled booties. To learn more about our system and how we can benefit your company, visit our website or contact us to get started!   

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