The Benefits of Medical Shoe Covers with Automatic Dispensers

Blurred interior of hospital with disposable shoe cover systems.

The Benefits of Medical Shoe Covers with Automatic Dispensers

Hospitals and doctor offices are full of opportunities for contamination, which poses health risks to the medical providers, patients, and anyone else in the facility. One of the best ways to help reduce the spread of contamination is by wearing shoe covers that are applied with an automatic dispenser and then removed with a hands-free removing device. These are some of the benefits of applying medical shoe covers with an automatic dispenser.

1. Shoe covers help prevent contamination

Medical facilities maintain a number of cleaning standards in order to provide a safe, healthy area for patients. While high-touch surfaces are sanitized and thoroughly cleaned regularly, the floors are often ignored. According to a study, 41 percent of high-touch objects are in contact with the floor in hospitals, including personal items and medical devices. Shoe covers can help prevent the spread of this contamination throughout the facility. 

2.  Automatic dispensers are quicker and more efficient than manual application

Medical professionals are busy and don’t have the time to fuss with putting on shoe covers manually. That’s why automatic shoe cover dispensers are a great solution for medical facilities. These machines allow users to quickly and safely apply shoe covers without the need to slow down. 

3. Hands-free shoe cover removers are cleaner and safer

As mentioned previously, medical facility floors can harbor a variety of bacteria and infection. Further, floors may even be soiled with bodily fluids, blood, or other biohazard contaminants. This makes removing shoe covers manually in a medical environment a hazard to the safety of the user. By using a hands-free remover device, medical professionals can avoid touching their soiled shoe covers and maintain their health and safety.

4. Shoe covers keep your shoes clean

There is a wide array of hazardous fluids and materials that can wind up on the floor of a medical facility and ultimately on your shoes. Disposable shoe covers are an effective and efficient method of keeping your shoes clean in a medical environment. Shoe covers provide a physical barrier between materials and your shoes to keep them clean.

At Shoe Cover Magic, we are proud to produce and provide the best automatic shoe cover dispensers and removers for the medical field. We want to keep you and your medical staff safe and healthy while you are helping save lives. Visit our site or contact us to learn more about our products and the benefits they can provide. 

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