Why Shoe Covers are on the Frontlines with Healthcare Heroes

Stethoscope and laptop on a desk at medical office.

Why Shoe Covers are on the Frontlines with Healthcare Heroes

Hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients, and our healthcare workers are on the front lines fighting to save these patients’ lives while also trying to prevent themselves from receiving the virus. Hospitals are currently contaminated with the virus, so it is critical healthcare workers are equipped with all the gear to protect themselves from coronavirus. From face shields to hazmat suits to shoe covers, all of this gear is necessary. One of the best ways to help reduce the spread of contamination is wearing a shoe cover that is applied with an automatic dispenser and then removed hands-free. Staying hands-free is the key here, and at Shoe Cover Magic, we have created a secure hands-free system for shoe covers. 

Medical facilities maintain several cleaning standards to provide a safe, healthy area for patients. Since the coronavirus pandemic, these cleaning standards have been amped up a ton. While high touch surfaces are sanitized and cleaned regularly and thoroughly, the floors are often overlooked. Shoe covers can help prevent the spread of contamination throughout a hospital facility. Every healthcare worker must be provided with shoe covers to keep themselves and others safe from the virus.

With our shoe cover system, we provide a hands-free shoe cover remover, which is critical to staying safe and clean. Disposable shoe covers are an effective and efficient method of keeping your shoes clean. Still, you must be extremely careful and cautious when removing these covers because you don’t want to get germs and bacteria on your hands when you take off your shoe covers. Using a hands-free remover device, medical professionals can avoid touching their soiled shoe covers and maintain their health and safety. 

At Shoe Cover Magic, we understand that our products are needed to keep our healthcare heroes safe and healthy now more than ever. We are devoted to doing everything we can to ease the pandemic’s effects for our healthcare workers. We are prioritizing our orders that go directly to these heroes who are fighting on the frontlines. We are producing shoe covers and all facets of our 3-step system at maximum capacity and are doing everything in our ability to aid in this pandemic. If you go to place an order for our shoe covers and see that they are temporarily unavailable or you experience a delay in your order, we hope that you understand the reasoning behind it. Thank you for your loyalty, and please stay safe and healthy. 

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