Our Shoe Cover System is Changing the Real Estate Game

For sale sign in the front yard of an open house.

Our Shoe Cover System is Changing the Real Estate Game

One thing that all real estate agents know – whether there is an open house or you are simply showing a potential buyer a property, there is always the chance of rain. As a realtor, asking people who are interested in the property to remove their shoes before entering can seem awkward and unprofessional, but the house needs to be in tip-top shape to sell quickly. This has been an issue in the real estate industry until now. 

Our 3-step shoe cover system is changing the game in real estate. Instead of making your clients walk barefoot throughout an entire showing, or having them decline the tour when you suggest that, you can now provide them with our shoe covers. If it is an open house, set up a shoe cover dispenser at the front door with a small catchy and instructional sign next to it asking the potential buyers to cover their shoes. If it is an individual showing, carry the shoe cover dispenser to the front porch and simply ask your client to place his or her foot on the dispenser to prevent mud from being tracked throughout the house. This way, you are taking care of the house you are trying to sell, and you are taking care of your clients by making them more comfortable. Chances are, they will respect you more for having the foresight to prevent mud, dirt, and any other mess from entering their potential new home. 

As a realtor, you can also use shoe covers for your personal use when you need to take photographs of a property you are listing, check in to adjust lighting or the thermostat, or if you need to clean up the house a little bit before a showing. Trust us when we say, the level of professionalism and cleanliness of your business will improve immeasurably when you adopt our 3-step shoe cover system. Check out the products tab on our website to see which covers and dispensers would be right for you!


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