Why the Real Estate Industry Should Trust Shoe Covers

Home for sale ready for an open house.

Why the Real Estate Industry Should Trust Shoe Covers

Those in the Real Estate industry know how important every detail is – one tiny detail can make or break a sale. With that being said, it makes you wonder why all real estate agents don’t use shoe covers as part of their routine.

When an agent is showing off a home, they want it to sparkle, from ceiling to floor. That is not possible if a potential buyer or maintenance worker tracks dirt into the home. Whether the home has hardwood floors, carpet, or something in between, the results of dirt or something worse can be catastrophic. Imagine dirt or feces particles trapped in the fibers of a carpet or seeing a brown smudge across a laminate floor; there’s one thing those two scenarios have in common – disgust and the likely loss of a sale. 

In order to keep the floors and everyone who enters the house safe, a shoe cover system should be in place. Whether that is our full 3-step system in front of a 10 million dollar mansion or a simple box of shoe covers outside any home in America, shoe covers, at least, should be used. 

We offer 15 styles of shoe covers and there are quite a few that would fit all the requirements for the real estate industry. While we offer shoe covers with a wide array of benefits, the two most important for the real estate industry are slip-resistance and lightweight fit. The last thing any real estate agent would want is to have a potential buyer slip and fall while touring a home. Not only will that all but secure a loss on the sale, it could also cause issues if the person injured were to press charges. Safety is our number one priority, so we design shoe covers with that in mind. 

The second most important feature for shoe covers in the real estate market is a lightweight fit. No one will want to put on a shoe cover that is bulky and makes it hard to walk around. The point of an open house or the viewing of a home is to walk around the whole place and see the home in its’ entirety. If shoe covers made it hard to walk around freely, guests would either end the tour early or take their shoe covers off – neither of which are good options. We offer 12 shoe covers that we classify in the lightweight field, giving you plenty of options. 

When we look at both benefits, slip-resistance, and a lightweight fit, we are left with 10 options. That’s right, we offer 10 different shoe covers that will fit the needs of any real estate agent. For our complete guide on shoe covers, head to our website. 

For those wanting to go all out and exceed any expectations, we also offer a hands-free shoe cover dispenser as well as a hands-free shoe cover remover. Our 3-step system is speedy, safe, and sanitary, and it offers those benefits to all who use it. Whether you want the entire system or want to keep things simple and only provide shoe covers, we know that your customers and clients will stay safe and appreciate the effort you put into the house. 

Your job as a real estate agent is to show houses in their cleanest beauty, and we are here to help you do just that. Reach out to us for a quote and with any questions you have. We look forward to helping you make others’ dreams come true. 

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