Benefits of Hands-Free Shoe Cover Dispensers

Tradeshow photo of shoe covers and hands-free applicator.

Benefits of Hands-Free Shoe Cover Dispensers

Keeping personnel safe and healthy is a top priority for employers. One way to help protect your employees offering disposable shoe covers for additional safety measures. Our hands-free shoe cover dispensers and removers not only reduce the risk of falls when applying shoe covers, but they also cut down on hand contamination by eliminating the need to touch soiled shoe covers.


Our products were created to provide a speedier, safer, and more sanitary option for the application and removal of shoe covers. Keep reading for more about the benefits of our unique three-step shoe cover system.


Boosts Efficiency

It takes workers an average of 35 seconds to apply shoe covers. Applying and removing shoe covers can take time, and your employees have more important tasks to be working on. With our shoe cover dispensers, employees can don their shoe covers in four seconds from start to finish. The application time for our shoe dispenser system is up to four times faster than other systems.


Reduces Contamination 

Hand contamination is a significant contributor to outbreaks in the healthcare field and beyond. With our dispensers and removers, employees won’t need to touch their shoe covers at all, keeping their hands free from contaminants and creating a cleaner, safer work environment.


Increases Worker Safety

Applying shoe covers can be somewhat of a balancing act. With our hands-free system, personnel won’t need to try to balance on one foot during application. Our shoe cover dispensers even feature a safety handle for added stability. This reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace, providing a safer environment for your team. 


Ability to Be Placed Anywhere

Our shoe cover dispenser is designed to fit into airlocks, or “transition zones” where people are required to don PPE before entering or changing zones. They use Kinetic energy and require zero electricity, enabling them to be placed anywhere in your environment. No outlets necessary!


Shoe Cover Magic’s three-step system can create a more efficient, safer, and cleaner work environment for employees. Our hands-free systems are effective at keeping employees safe and environments clean. If you are interested in purchasing our hands-free system, request a quote or visit our website to find out more!

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