Common Questions About Our Shoe Cover System

A person wearing navy and white sneakers with plastic shoe covers.

Common Questions About Our Shoe Cover System

Our 3-step shoe cover system is a revolutionary way to put on, wear, and take off shoe covers – all in a completely hands-free way. We provide shoe covers for every need, across many industries, so that our customers can stay safe, sanitary, and efficient. We’ve recapped the answers to a few of the questions we’re commonly asked so that you can learn more about our shoe cover system. 

How easy to use are the Shoe Cover Magic dispensers?

Our shoe cover dispensers are so easy to use, it’s like magic! Simply step into one of our dispensers and the shoe cover will be fitted securely around your shoe. There’s no need to reach down or try to balance while putting on shoe covers when you use our dispenser, which makes the application time much faster than the industry average. 

Do Shoe Cover Magic dispensers need to be plugged in?

Our dispensers do not need to be plugged in and do not require any electricity to operate. They work by kinetic energy when you place your foot into the dispenser itself. This means that our dispensers can be placed anywhere you need them and are perfect for temporary installments or on-the-go industries such as real estate. 

How do the removers help avoid germs and other contaminants?

Our removers significantly reduce the number of germs and contaminants spread because they are hands-free, meaning you don’t have to touch the shoe covers at any point. When you’re ready to take off your shoe cover, simply step into one of our removers and it will take off and place the soiled cover in a disposable bag. 

How does the system increase productivity and efficiency?

We know that every industry strives to improve productivity and efficiency rates, so we designed our 3-step system with that in mind. From start to finish, the shoe cover application and removal process are completely hands-free. Workers will be able to save time by stepping into the dispenser to apply the shoe covers, which only takes around 5 seconds. This is 7x faster than the industry average of 35 seconds!

The Shoe Cover Magic system is an ideal solution to any workplace that requires shoe covers. We offer a variety of different dispensers, removers, and shoe covers so that you’re able to build a system that works best for your industry. To read more of our FAQs, head to our website where you can also learn more about our system and get a quote for your industry. 

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