Do’s and Don’ts of Shoe Covers

What to do and not to do when wearing shoe covers.

Do’s and Don’ts of Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are great for protecting healthcare workers, those who work with pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and many other industries, and they have become even more important through the coronavirus pandemic. 


With all that shoe covers do to protect, there are specific rules to keep in mind when it comes to using or wearing your shoe booties. You should always do certain things when wearing shoe covers and there are certain things you should never do. Let’s take a look.  


Do’s of Shoe Covers

Shoe covers protect against germs and other contaminants when worn and used properly. A few things you should do:

  • Wear shoe covers anytime you’re around germs or contaminants
  • Wear shoe covers to protect your shoes against germs
  • Wear shoe covers in one room or environment only
  • Wear shoe covers as part of full PPE
  • Identify the features that benefit what you’re looking for – anti-skid, waterproof, one size fits all, lightweight, etc.
  • Use a dispenser and remover when applying and removing your shoe covers


Don’ts of Shoe Covers

With all of the benefits shoe covers provide, it’s important to note that they are ineffective if not worn properly. Keep these tips in mind to make the most out of your shoe covers and to stay as germ-free as possible: 

  • Don’t reuse shoe covers
  • Don’t wear shoe covers into new environments
  • Don’t touch your shoe covers after they’ve been soiled
  • Don’t take time out of your day to put on our remove your shoe booties


Keep these tips in mind and you’ll see your safety and sanitation numbers increase tenfold. Our system allows you to put on shoe covers 7x faster than the industry standard, allowing your employees to get back to the most important aspects of their job instead of worrying about putting on or removing shoe covers. In addition, our shoe cover dispensers and removers offer a safety handle to ensure you don’t touch your soiled booties and to enhance your safety; there’s no longer a need to balance on one foot or find a chair to apply your booties, giving you and your employees peace of mind.

Our 3-step system offers dispensers, 16 types of disposable shoe covers, and removers – an all-in-one design allowing for a safer, more sanitary, and faster process. So if you’re looking to make your workplace cleaner and more efficient, give us a call for a quote today.

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