Our Dispensers: How They Work and What They Do

Shoe cover magic sanitation canisters.

Our Dispensers: How They Work and What They Do

Shoe covers, masks, gloves, and all things PPE are more important than ever before, and we don’t see that trend dying down anytime soon. We’re glad to do our part to help aid healthcare workers, veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, food safety professionals, and so many more to stay safe, clean, and on task. 


At Shoe Cover Magic, we believe that the correct system starts at the beginning: with a dispenser. Our dispensers are the first step in our 3-step shoe cover system, where the magic begins. We offer three different shoe cover dispensers, varying in size and usage. Let’s take a look at the benefits all styles provide:

  • Hands-free operation
  • Reduced application time (7x faster than industry standard)
  • Works through kinetic energy; requires no electricity, so it can be used anywhere at any time (watch the video here)
  • Increased worker safety and compliance
  • Reduced contamination and errors
  • Easy to clean, load, and use 


Our largest dispenser (SCMLG) holds up to 110 pairs of shoe covers and is the perfect addition to high-traffic work areas or laboratories. Our small dispenser (SCMSM) holds up to 55 pairs of shoe covers and is ideal for low to moderate-volume areas. Lastly, our small dispenser with handle (SCMSM-H) holds up to 55 pairs of shoe covers and offers both wheels and a retractable locking handle. SCMSM-H is perfect for on-the-go industries and companies, such as real estate, showrooms, and more. 

Our system works best when all parts work together, but we always emphasize the initial step. When you start cleanly and safely, the entire process works together to fulfill the same values. As a result, our shoe cover dispensers can provide value, safety, and efficiency to any company or industry in which they are used. If you’re looking for a safer way to offer PPE to your employees, reach out to us for a quote.

Linda Westbrook

Linda Westbrook is the Sales Manager at Shoe Cover Magic. She has worked in Relationship Sales for over 30 years with 20+ years in Technology Solutions and Product Sales. Throughout her career, Linda has been determined to offer products that create a better work environment and improve productivity for the end-user and their organization. In her spare time, Linda loves spending time with her dog Sammy and reading. She wishes she could say she loves cooking but loves food delivery and her Total Gym.

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