Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Person wearing jeans and shoe covers on their tennis shoes during the COVID pandemic.

Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

At Shoe Cover Magic, our number one priority is keeping every single person safe and healthy in the workplace through the use of shoe covers. We are firm believers in the fact that maintaining a barrier between the bottom of your shoes and the floor in workplaces across numerous industries can significantly improve sanitation. Not only do our shoe covers protect employees and clients from being exposed to millions of bacteria, but they also help to improve the quality of labor being performed. Also, with the help of our hands-free 3-step system, the entire layer of hand contamination is eliminated, in addition to footwear and floor contamination.

With our mission in mind, Shoe Cover Magic is devoted to doing everything we can to ease the effects of this devastating COVID-19 pandemic. In order to do so, we believe it is only necessary that we prioritize orders that are going directly to the workers who are fighting on the front lines of this coronavirus battle. These professionals include healthcare workers, restaurant workers, grocery store workers, first responders, internet and cable technicians, and any other essential workers across so many extremely necessary industries. 

If workers in these industries did not have the resources they needed, there would be one of two very negative consequences. The first consequence would be that these workers would be far too susceptible to contracting COVID-19, and it would spread rampantly among workers, and even customers, who came in contact with these workers. The second consequence would be that these businesses would simply not be able to operate properly due to lack of PPE, therefore limiting the public to services that are essential day in and day out.

If you go to place an order for our shoe covers and see that they are temporarily unavailable or you experience a delay in your order, we hope that you understand the reasoning behind it. We are producing shoe covers and all facets of our 3-step system at maximum capacity and are doing everything in our ability to aid in this pandemic. Thank you for your loyalty and understanding during this uncertain time. Please, stay safe and healthy.

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