Sanitation Predictions 2022

Sanitizing hands and being safe in 2022

Sanitation Predictions 2022

Looking back over the last two and a half years, no one could have predicted the COVID pandemic, the exacerbated need for PPE, and the changes we have seen in our daily lives. Because of that, we have changed the way we view many things, including safety measures and sanitation practices.


As we have for the last two-plus years, we are focusing more on the need for all things clean, germ-free, and immediate. At Shoe Cover Magic, we have provided shoe covers to a wide range of industries since the inception of our company. We know that staying safe and sanitary are of utmost importance in so many industries and businesses, and we are glad we’ve been able to do our part to help, even before the pandemic. 


We can expect the need for all things sanitary to continue, and potentially even increase. Hand sanitizer isn’t going anywhere. Neither are masks or shoe covers. It’s hard to predict what the world will look like in ten years. Again, we never saw 2020 playing out the way it did, but we can predict what 2022 will look like: reminders to wash your hands properly, masks everywhere, hand sanitizer at every store entrance and in the car or purse of nearly every American, and the heightened need for shoe covers and all things PPE. 


We are happy to do our part to help. Our 3-step shoe cover system offers hands-free dispensers and removers, eliminating the need to touch your hands or soiled booties when applying or removing your shoe covers. We also offer 16 shoe cover styles to provide the specific features and benefits your industry or company is looking for. From waterproof booties to anti-skid and slip-resistance, our shoe covers fit the needs of all. Our one-size-fits-most to one-size-fits-all options offer unprecedented support for those who need it most. 


We are more proud than ever to do our part to aid in this pandemic and enhance the safety of those risking their lives for others. From doctors and nurses to front office staff and more, we are thankful for those in the medical industry putting others’ needs in front of their own. Our way to say thank you is by offering the best shoe covers in the business and making it easier than ever to use them. 


Our shoe covers protect more than hospital staff and frontline workers, they also protect daycare teachers, construction workers, those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, realtors, and so many more. We’re proud every day that we can help people across the nation stay safe and continue to do what they love, even in the midst of a global pandemic. 


Remember that our booties are disposable and should only be worn once. Doing so will limit excess germs and decrease the possibility of cross-contamination, offering a safer and healthier environment for all who wear them. Stay safe this year and let us know if we can help in any way. 

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