Shoe Cover Dispenser Options

Standing person wearing protective shoe covers on their boots.

Shoe Cover Dispenser Options

Automated shoe cover dispensers make putting on shoe covers a fast, sanitary, and hands-free process. For many industries, shoe cover booties are a recommended or required form of protection that helps reduce the spread of germs. Automated dispensers cut down on the chance of contamination even more by ensuring that you never have to manually put on the shoe covers. Depending on your industry or environment, there may be a certain dispenser that is just right for you. We’ve outlined some of the features and benefits of each of our Shoe Cover Magic dispenser options below.

Large Dispenser (SCMLG)

Our large dispensers are ideal for environments that have moderate to heavy traffic. They have a high volume capacity and are equipped to handle up to 110 shoe cover pairs. Each large dispenser also has a handle for workers to hold onto so they don’t have to try and balance on one foot or lean against a wall. These automated dispensers require no electricity and are easy to clean as well!  

Small Dispenser (SCMSM)

The small dispensers are great for areas that have low to moderate traffic. Workers are able to quickly slide on the shoe covers, helping to prevent contamination in the workplace. Our small dispensers are able to hold up to 55 pairs of shoe covers at a time and are very easy to reload. Additionally, the unique, compact size of the small dispenser means that it’s easy to set up for temporary needs.  

Small Dispenser with Handle (SCMSM-H)

In addition to our regular small dispensers, we also offer the option of having the small dispenser with a retractable handle and wheels for easy transport. This specific option is great for industries that require workers to be at different locations, such as real estate or home restoration. 

At Shoe Cover Magic, our number one goal is making sure that you and your employees stay safe and are able to work in a sanitary environment. Providing shoe covers to your customers is also a great way to give them peace of mind. We created automated dispensers knowing that each industry looks different. No matter what your company needs, we have a dispenser that will help you create a safe and sanitary environment. To learn more and get a quote, visit our website and explore our three-step, automated shoe cover process.    

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