Shoe Cover Magic Guarantee

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Shoe Cover Magic Guarantee

At Shoe Cover Magic we guarantee a lot, but you can trust our word. Our three-step system includes a shoe cover dispenser, shoe covers, and a shoe cover remover. This system is top of the line in cleanliness, efficiency, and safety. 

Did you know that the average industrial time it takes to put on a pair of shoe covers is 35 seconds? Using our shoe cover dispenser, you can apply shoe covers in as little as 5 seconds – that’s 7 times faster than the industry average rate! We ensure the quickest possible shoe cover application because we understand that no matter where you work, productivity and efficiency are your company’s top priorities. It is also time-efficient to order everything you need for the three-step system because you can purchase all equipment and supplies directly from our site, and express shipping is available!

Shoe covers are essentially used to keep germs and other contaminants out of your workspace; but did you know taking off the shoe covers with your hand and carrying them to the garbage can spread just as many germs? Our shoe cover remover removes your shoe covers completely hands-free. It immediately seals the used covers in a bag and disposes them into the receptacle. This way, you won’t risk contaminating your hands or your workspace. NOTE: You should never reuse shoe covers under any circumstances.

The safety of employees is of the utmost importance in any workplace. However, when you are in a hurry and trying to balance on one foot while applying a shoe cover… let’s just say, that wouldn’t be compliant with our protocol. In order to keep your employees on two feet and unharmed, stock your workplace with our shoe cover dispenser. It’s the fastest and safest way to apply shoe covers!

We guarantee you are in good hands with any of our products because, at Shoe Cover Magic, we prioritize you. Visit our website today to start browsing which products would work best for your employees and your workplace. Trust us when we say, the quality of our products is magical.

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