Spooky Bacteria That Can End Up On Your Shoes

An image of shoes standing on a wood floor with a simulated magnification window that shows E. coli bacteria on the floor where the shoes are standing.

Spooky Bacteria That Can End Up On Your Shoes

It’s October, which officially kicks off the spooky season. This month, ghosts are hanging from trees, pumpkins are carved, and extra spooky bacteria are lingering on your shoes. You may be used to tracking dirt on your shoes, even though it’s a bit gross and unwanted. What is even scarier than dirt is the germs and bacteria you can carry on your shoes. Studies have shown that your shoes can get dirtier than a toilet seat. 

Charles Gerba, a University of Arizona microbiologist who conducted a seminal study, found that 421,000 units of bacteria collect in two weeks of wearing brand new shoes. Gerba found that nearly a third of shoes (27%) carried E. coli bacteria. 

E. coli bacteria, fully known as Escherichia coli, is found mostly in contaminated water or food – remember the Chipotle scandal? Since E. coli is found on your shoes, if you take off your shoes and touch your shoes’ soles, then transmit that bacteria to your mouth, you can suffer from diarrhea, stomach cramping, nausea, and vomiting. As we said, it gets spooky on your shoes. 

Gerba found other bacteria found on shoes that can cause pneumonia (Klebsiella pneumonia) and respiratory tract infections (Serratia ficaria). In this study, 30 homes were analyzed, and Clostridium difficile – a bacterial cause of fever and diarrhea – was found more commonly on the bottom of shoes than bathroom surfaces and toilet seats. 

Although this information has probably changed your perspective on shoes forever and grossed you out, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Our immune system has gotten used to us being unsanitary and touching our shoes and then our faces, mouths, and more. Even if our body has gotten used to it, these bacteria can be very detrimental in certain situations, such as nurseries, hospitals, dairy farms, etc. This is where your favorite shoe cover business comes to play.

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