The Difference in Our Shoe Cover Remover Sizes

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The Difference in Our Shoe Cover Remover Sizes

If you haven’t heard yet, our three-step system includes a shoe cover dispenser, the perfect shoe cover for your industry, and a shoe cover remover. However, we understand that not all workplaces are the same – some may be smaller and some may be larger than others. Your needs are our top priority. That is why we have created three different shoe cover remover sizes for you to choose from. When we refer to the shoe cover remover “size” we are referring to the receptacle size, not the foot size. Any foot size is compatible with our standard shoe cover remover. 

The first shoe cover remover size is the regular capacity. The regular capacity shoe cover remover is a ten-gallon receptacle that holds up to 500 used shoe covers. 

The second shoe cover remover size is a high capacity receptacle that holds 33 gallons. This can hold more than 1000 dirty shoe covers!

The third and final shoe cover remover is a very high capacity. This remover has a 55-gallon receptacle and holds over 2500 used shoe covers. Talk about not having to empty the remover often!

In essence, the size you would choose for your shoe cover remover would be based on how frequently the machine would be used. You can base this on traffic through your workplace, number of employees, and so on, but we can help walk you through which would be the best option based on your business specs. 

Keep in mind that when each person utilizes the shoe cover remover in the workplace, there will be two dirty shoe covers added to the receptacle at a time. So, consider the regular capacity shoe cover remover as “able to be used 250 times” before you need to empty it, the high capacity 33-gallon remover as “able to be used 500 times,” and the very high capacity 55-gallon remover as “able to be used 1250 times.” Contact the friendly staff at Shoe Cover Magic today for a quote or to discuss which items in our three-step system would best suit your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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