Why Every Industrial Kitchen Needs Shoe Covers

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Why Every Industrial Kitchen Needs Shoe Covers

It’s every diner’s worst fear: diving into a delicious plate of food only to find a strand of someone else’s hair. Food safety practices are of the utmost importance and keep customers and employees on the same page when it comes to hygiene standards. While nearly every restaurant requires its chefs to wear gloves when handling food, many don’t require shoe cover usage. Cleanliness starts from the ground up and the consistent usage of shoe covers in the kitchen can ensure your next health inspection is a resounding success. 

  1. Keep Your Employees Safe

Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen knows the importance of wearing non-slip shoes. Spills, slips, and falls are all too common in the commotion of a busy dinner rush. Keep your employees safe with the use of non-slip, 100% water-resistant shoe covers. Not only will your employees be protected from an unfortunate fall, but their shoes will be protected from stains and scuffs. 

  1. Stop Contamination

When a chef enters the kitchen to prep for dinner service, there is no telling what is on the bottom of his or her shoes. With a large amount of movement between prep stations, dining areas, and food storage, outside contaminants have ample opportunity to spread across a restaurant. Stop contamination in its tracks by asking employees to practice consistent shoe cover usage before entering food handling or dining areas. 

  1. Encourage Healthy Habits

While wearing shoe covers can provide a wide variety of practical benefits, they can also help kickstart a health-focused attitude among the staff. Taking the time to explain why using shoe covers is important and discussing healthy practices can help employees become more health-conscious in their day-to-day responsibilities. 

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