IAFP 2021: Recap

Chef wearing shoe covers in a restaurant kitchen slicing bread with a knife on a cutting board with tomatoes.

IAFP 2021: Recap

We recently attended the IAFP (International Association for Food Protection) 2021 event held in Pheonix, Arizona. This year, we attended virtually and still saw amazing results! We loved getting out (so to say), talking to new and current customers, and being able to share the benefits and effects our shoe covers have provided over the last year and a half in these unprecedented times. 


The IAFP holds an annual event that provides attendees with information and best practices on food safety issues, the latest science to back it all up, the ability to network with thousands of people from around the world, and so much more. There were almost 4,000 people attending this year, both in-person and virtually. This brought such a unique opportunity to the event, as we were able to speak and connect with people across the globe, as many people couldn’t make it in person just yet. 


This event highlights how critical employee hygiene is to food safety. Where a clean and sterile environment is required, you desire nothing less than 100% compliance from your workers when it comes to using shoe covers. After all, the very integrity of your product is at stake. However, most workers believe that using shoe covers is a chore that slows them down and gets in the way of doing their job. Then there are those whose physical limitations make putting on shoe covers difficult, if not impossible.


We were able to share the best benefits of our system – a completely hands-free model, an increase in productivity with a 7x-faster-than-industry-average speed, and the relief of knowing that you’re not dragging germs around with you everywhere you go. Our dispenser, in particular, will help you achieve 100% compliance more easily by providing a quick, easy, safe, (and some might say fun) method of putting on shoe covers. While the world is opening back up, the safe and sanitary part of our system has become our customers’ favorite part. We’re glad that everything we created pre-pandemic has become even more useful as the world adjusts to new changes and challenges. 


We were so glad to attend the IAFP this year, even as we did so virtually. We had similar reactions and responses as we have in years past, and we know that everyone was comfortable. As a leading retailer in safety, sanitation, and ease, we would never want to do something that makes anyone uncomfortable, and that’s why we loved the hybrid event. Those who wanted to attend in person were able, and those who either couldn’t or weren’t ready were still able to attend via a virtual meeting. 


We hope we answered all of your questions at this year’s IAFP, but if you have any lingering questions or you’ve come up with new ones since we left, please reach out to us! We’d love to talk you through the details of our system and provide a quote for our products. It was great meeting so many people and we can’t wait for our next in-person event! 

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