3 Industries You Never Knew Needed Shoe Covers

Blue and white sneakers inside shoe bootie covers.

3 Industries You Never Knew Needed Shoe Covers

The typical industries we assume use shoe covers are those of manufacturing, healthcare, food, and real estate/construction. Although shoe covers are imperative within these industries, there are actually numerous other industries that utilize, or should utilize, shoe covers during work processes. It is vital to avoid contamination in the workplace across dozens of industries. Some of the industries you may have never known use shoe covers are government, tourism, and research. Sterilization is key in several processes that are performed within these three industries, so let’s take a look at how shoe covers play such an important role. 

Many government facilities across the nation utilize shoe covers on a daily basis. Some of the government facilities that may use shoe covers more faithfully than others are very historic buildings or new construction. Flooring in historic buildings can often not withstand frequent and intense cleaning. Therefore, in order to ensure these floors don’t become weakened or broken, these government facilities implement a shoe cover policy. This policy would be for employees and guests who visit the building. Using Shoe Cover Magic’s quick and easy shoe cover dispenser and shoe cover remover will allow guests to have a better and easier experience.

There are endless opportunities for shoe covers to positively impact the tourism industry. Workers and management of tourism sites can be relieved of the stress that may be caused by a rock in someone’s shoe cracking or scratching the flooring of a historic structure. Also, there are more and more “skywalks” being constructed all across the world to give tourists an experience like never before. Implementing a shoe cover policy for guests who walk on these glass structures will limit cracking, scratching, and contamination. And we all know, glass can be a pain to clean!

The research industry can be benefitted by shoe covers in many ways, but ultimately, to decrease the likelihood of contamination. In research facilities, there are trials, experiments, and studies that are performed to gain information on a potential new medication or product. Ensuring there is no contamination in the facility that interferes with the studies in progress is so important because contamination could lead to false or skewed results.

Shoe covers are a versatile product that helps keep a workplace clean and free of contamination. Contact Shoe Cover Magic to learn more about our 3 step system and to see how your industry could benefit from shoe covers.

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