Customizable Shoe Covers

Outdoor utility shoe with white cover.

Customizable Shoe Covers

It’s no secret that shoe covers are helpful in various industries. From the medical field, including hospitals, clinics, and dentists, to real estate brokers, food processing, technology development, and home services, this vital piece of PPE protects individuals and products from contaminating materials and bacteria. Like any job, though, there’s a dress code or uniform, which is why Shoe Cover Magic provides personalized color options for a good portion of products. This way, you can stay on brand while keeping your workspace clean and adhering to safety protocol! 


Here are just three of our best sellers that are customizable:



The top, all-inclusive feature shoe cover, SCMSB600-FAS, really has it all! It’s slip-resistant, water-resistant, secure fit, lightweight, anti-static, and last but not least, non-skid. This product is ideal for medical and food production clients due to its impermeability and durability- stay safe from different fluids!



If you’re looking for a completely waterproof, anti-static, and no-skid cover, the SCMSB600 is the right fit. Preferred by our home services clients, internet and cable technicians, and alike, these booties will protect work boots and prevent any damage to flooring. The last thing anyone wants is to have mud or dirt tracked over a nice carpet! 



Perfect for technology development labs or at-home use during the holidays, the SCMNS28-750- ESD is lightweight, slip-resistant, anti-static, and features a secure fit. Using these diminish dirt and dust particles from circulating enclosed rooms.


To learn more about adding custom color shoe covers, check out our previous post. Our team of experts will help you find the right cover, color, and quantity for your operation. Call us with any questions you may have!

Linda Westbrook

Linda Westbrook is the Sales Manager at Shoe Cover Magic. She has worked in Relationship Sales for over 30 years with 20+ years in Technology Solutions and Product Sales. Throughout her career, Linda has been determined to offer products that create a better work environment and improve productivity for the end-user and their organization. In her spare time, Linda loves spending time with her dog Sammy and reading. She wishes she could say she loves cooking but loves food delivery and her Total Gym.

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