Dairy Farms Need Shoe Covers, Too!

Three black and white dairy cows with tagged ears for the dairy farms.

Dairy Farms Need Shoe Covers, Too!

Dairy farming is a class of agriculture for long-term milk production, which is the process for the eventual sale of a dairy product. Yogurt, milk, cheese, cream, and probably a lot of other of your favorite foods are made here. Dairy farms are a huge deal in the United States. Even Paris Hilton found herself milking a cow on a dairy farm! Many people don’t know that working on a dairy farm requires some equipment you might not think about, including shoe covers. 

Most Americans are very familiar with the term quarantine by now, but quarantining has been a massive practice for dairy farmers for years. Pretty much the whole point of quarantining on a dairy farm is to isolate new or returning animals before returning to a farm, so they do not introduce diseases to a livestock herd. Isolation of sick, new, or returning animals will sustain your herd health and biosecurity programs. Quarantining animals is a lot of work, but it is essential to preventing diseases from your farm, which will decrease the risk of infection in your dairy. Animals play the most prominent role in this, but humans play a role too, and that is why dairy farms usually require shoe covers. 

Since the modernization of dairy farms, many experts and veterinarians visit the herds, which requires extra steps to provide a healthier environment. Is it essential to be more concerned about livestock hygiene, since the traffic between the farms can quickly transfer diseases and break the quarantine condition that we just talked about. Using shoe covers prevents the transfer of diseases from humans to animals. As we know from the coronavirus pandemic, transferring diseases between humans and animals does not usually end well! Wearing disposable plastic shoe covers is the most economical and healthiest solution to control hygiene levels and preserve cattle health. 

At Shoe Cover Magic, we have tons of options for your shoe cover needs. If you work at a dairy farm and need a quick and easy system to keep your cattle safe, we are the people to call! Visit our website to see our three-step solution to keeping your cows happy.

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