How to Use Our Shoe Cover System at Open Houses

Open house shoe cover applications for real estate.

How to Use Our Shoe Cover System at Open Houses

The real estate market is at an all-time high right now, with many houses selling at or above the listing price. Open houses have been attracting many potential buyers and there’s often a constant stream of people viewing the home. With so many people entering the home for sale, realtors need to be mindful of tracking any dirt or mud into the house. It’s also important that we stay aware of ways to minimize the spread of germs as we return to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to both protect an open house from dirty footprints and the spread of germs from shoes is with the use of disposable shoe covers. Our easy-to-use shoe cover system is a must-have for realtors who show open houses on the regular. Let’s learn more about how to set up the shoe cover system and the many benefits it provides at open houses.

In this example of setting up the shoe cover dispenser, we follow realtor Pam Jackman with the Berkshire Hathaway team as she prepares for an open house. Any realtor will want to start by arriving a few minutes early to set up the shoe dispenser. This dispenser is on wheels which makes it easy to transport from house to house. Once arriving at the open house, the dispenser should be placed next to the front door where visitors will have easy access to it.

As people begin to arrive to view the open house, the realtor should greet them at the door and direct them to the shoe cover dispenser. The dispenser is hands-free so that visitors won’t have to sit down or try to balance as they put on shoe covers. Instead, they simply step into the dispenser and a disposable shoe cover will be wrapped around their shoe. This significantly reduces the chance of any accidents occurring and cuts down on the time it takes to manually put shoe covers on, which makes for a more efficient open house for the realtor.

With both shoe covers on, the visitor is ready to enter the house and view their potential new home. Any realtors showing houses will have peace of mind knowing that the homes they’re showing will be protected from any dirt or bacteria on visitors’ shoes. The Shoe Cover Magic hands-free dispenser is a safe and easy way to ensure that visitors wear shoe covers at open houses and it is easy to set up. To learn more about purchasing one of our systems, visit our website or contact us for a quote!

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