Reducing Contamination Within Your Workspace

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Reducing Contamination Within Your Workspace

According to the Oxford dictionary, contamination is “the action or state of making or being made impure by polluting or poisoning.” Contamination can be spread in many ways and in many forms. If your workplace becomes contaminated, it can pose a serious threat to the production of your work, the safety of your employees, the safety of consumers, quality or results of the finished product, and so much more. Imagine the repercussions of a single employee on a food assembly line not washing their hands and contaminating everything they touch, that day, specifically. So, how do you optimize the safety and cleanliness of your workplace while minimizing the risk of contamination? There are many ways to do so, and here are some general guidelines to follow.

Chemical Safety

Ensure that all cleaning products and chemical packages are labeled correctly and clearly within the workplace. This reduces the risk of someone using the wrong chemical that could cause significant contamination to the workplace and also optimizes the safety of people’s health within the workplace.

Food Safety

It is always a great idea to clean daily. Use the proper cleaning products to clean countertop surfaces, equipment, floors, and dishes or platters. Ensure that if an employee is touching food during his/her shift that gloves are worn at all times and hands are washed regularly throughout the day. If you don’t have one already, post a sign in the bathroom that states, “all employees must wash hands before returning to work.” 

Health Safety

No matter the industry you work in, it is very important to ensure all employees present are not sick with any sort of virus or infection. Some infections and viruses can be airborne and contaminate the product, other employees, and the workspace, in general. If you are an employer who receives the “calling in sick” phone calls, take it with a grain of salt – that employee calling out could spare the inner workings of your business unneeded havoc.  

Floor contamination is a serious issue, which means there is always a place within your industry for shoe covers. Just think about where all of our shoes have been. Sweeping floors that dirty shoes walk across can stir bacteria and dirt into the air. Play it safe and place your order with Shoe Cover Magic today to further your efforts to reduce contamination in your workspace. Visit our website to learn more about the products we carry and decide which is right for you and your company. 

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