The Need for Shoe Covers Among Internet and Cable Technicians

Internet and cable technician shoes covered by plastic booties.

The Need for Shoe Covers Among Internet and Cable Technicians

Internet and cable technicians always go above and beyond the call of duty by coming into customers’ homes to solve issues, setting up services, and more. This kind of technology setup is far too advanced for customers to set up or fix themselves, so customers appreciate the in-person cable and internet set up that so many companies offer. 

However, have you ever thought about what lives on the bottom of your shoes? Nothing pretty, we can promise you that. Bacteria from mud, dirt, and other unsanitary surfaces can live on the bottom of your shoes. Internet and cable technicians shouldn’t go barefoot through customers’ homes, so what’s the solution? In order to continue demonstrating the most superior customer service imaginable, these professionals need our shoe covers!

Customers, in general, would feel so much more comfortable with internet or cable technicians entering their homes if they were wearing shoe covers over their shoes. By wearing our shoe covers and granting clients this peace of mind, internet and cable companies would see a significant boost in the amount of business requested and an increase in customer satisfaction rates overall. 

Taking this extra step not only shows the customer that you care, but it also is a safe and cautious thing to do. There are millions of households within the United States that have babies and pets. Babies and pets spend the majority of their time on the floor – crawling, walking, sitting, and laying down. If you wear shoe covers when entering customers’ homes, you eliminate the chance of tracking harmful bacteria, a rock, or other choking hazards that could cause serious harm to innocent babies and pets. 

Considering the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitation measures are going to be taken much more seriously across all industries. Get ahead of your competition and start wearing shoe covers from Shoe Cover Magic when entering customers’ homes today! You can get a quote for any shoe cover you feel suits you and your company’s needs best by simply browsing our website and telling us what you are looking for. We can also offer you guidance if you are unsure of which shoe cover would be best for your industry. Visit our website, and contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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