Using Shoe Covers in the Construction Industry

Exterior view of suburban home that is still under construction.

Using Shoe Covers in the Construction Industry

When on a construction site job, muddy or dirt-covered shoes are extremely common. Using shoe covers is the perfect solution to prevent tracking mud, dirt, and more into clean areas. In addition, shoe covers eliminate the opportunity for germs and other contaminants from being spread, contributing to a safer work environment. 

It’s not uncommon for most large construction sites to have an on-location office trailer. By supplying shoe covers for workers coming in and out, you’ll be able to keep the trailer looking and feeling clean. With our hands-free Shoe Cover Magic dispenser system, workers can easily have the shoe covers put on and removed with almost no effort. In fact, it only takes 5 seconds to put on a pair of shoe covers which is 7 times faster than the industry average. You’ll be able to save your company time while simultaneously contributing to a safe and germ-free work environment.

Think about all of the germs that can be carried by dirt attached to shoes, especially in construction zones where contaminants are often present. Using shoe covers reduces the chances that germs will be transferred into the workplace. This can also save the company money by decreasing the number of employees taking sick days due to illnesses.

Small construction projects will also benefit from using shoe covers. When working on residential projects, wearing shoe covers as you enter and exit the house will ensure that you keep the owners’ floors clean and clear of possible mud or debris. Not only this, but you’ll also be able to display respect to clients which will contribute to a more positive reputation for your company.

Shoe Cover Magic is here to help you with all of your shoe cover needs. With 15 different types of shoe covers, we’ve got you covered in all situations. Construction industries can benefit from our durable and waterproof options which are made to take on rough environments and can fit large work boots. Get started today by equipping your construction company with our 3-step solution. With a dispenser, shoe covers, and a remover, you’ll be able to provide workers with an easy, hands-free way of wearing shoe covers. Contact us today to learn more about our product options and get a quote for your company!

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