Why Childcare Facilities Need Shoe Covers

Daycare teacher shoes covered by plastic booties.

Why Childcare Facilities Need Shoe Covers

We’ve discussed the need for shoe covers in the medical industry at length, and that is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about industries that should use shoe covers. While all members of the medical industry absolutely need to use shoe covers, they are not the only industry that does. Have you ever thought about the need for shoe covers in childcare facilities? 

Nurseries, daycares, preschool classrooms, and playrooms in churches and schools are all areas that house, entertain, and educate children. Babies and toddlers are often crawling on the grounds of these facilities. Also, children touch, play with, and chew on toys that they picked up off the ground. Floors are extremely dirty, even if they are regularly cleaned. Each and every day, childcare workers bring in germs and other bacteria on their shoes and scatter them across the room. For these reasons, shoe covers are essential in childcare facilities for the safety of the children who are being cared for. 

Shoe covers are able to limit the children’s exposure to dangerous germs and substances on the floor by a landslide. Placing an automatic shoe cover dispenser at the entrance of the childcare facility makes it very accessible and convenient for employees to apply their shoe covers. Using one of our shoe cover dispensers, it takes less than five seconds to apply one! Enforcing a system that makes the environment safer to children AND is super easy to carry through calls for all employees and board members being on board!

Consider this system for your home if you have little ones. Some people visiting your home may not be comfortable with removing their shoes. Plus, barefoot and/or socks can be just as germy and unhealthy as dirty shoes. Place an automatic shoe cover dispenser from Shoe Cover Magic at the entryway of your home. Again, the process of applying a shoe cover using our products takes less than five seconds, so you won’t be inconveniencing your guests at all. Visit our website and contact us about your shoe cover needs today! We are happy to help guide you in which shoe cover would best fit your needs and your industry.

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