Why Shoe Covers Are Essential in the Cosmetic Industry

Person wearing black pants and shoes in a cosmetic lab.

Why Shoe Covers Are Essential in the Cosmetic Industry

In our opinion, we think every industry could benefit from our shoe covers. However, the importance of having a strict shoe cover system and policy in place within the cosmetic industry is often overlooked, yet so essential. Since the products that are produced within the cosmetic industry come in such direct contact with consumers’ bodies, it is so crucial the products come from a very sterile environment. 

Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ? Yes, it is an organ. It is so vital to our bodies because its main job is to protect our bodies. Also, the skin is very porous meaning that it soaks in everything that is put on it. Lotion, makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen, all of it. If there is any sort of contamination of the products we put on our skin, it ends up in our bodies. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate all potential for contamination in manufacturing cosmetic products. Shoe covers can do the trick.

Vacuuming, sweeping, or cleaning the floors in a manufacturing facility in which employees are not required to wear shoe covers, puts all production at risk for contamination. Imagine all of the dirt and bacteria that is tracked in and out of the building. Then, when the floors are being cleaned, all of those germs and toxins are stirred up into the air and can land on the cosmetic products on the assembly line. 

Shoe covers eliminate this risk, plus they keep the workplace very clean. Requiring that all employees wear shoe covers inside the facility will keep harmful germs away from production, and you can rest easy knowing that cleaning the floors will not launch any bacteria into the air that could contaminate the product!

In order to keep employees from contaminating their hands by touching their shoes when applying the shoe cover, use our shoe cover dispenser. It’s a hands-free way of making contamination in the workplace a thing of the past; and we offer three different sizes based on your company’s needs. If you think the business or industry you work in could see a major improvement in efficiency and cleanliness, contact Shoe Cover Magic today. We will discuss which of our shoe covers would be most beneficial to your workplace, specifically. Visit our website for more information!

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