Why Shoe Covers are Essential in the Restoration Industry

Shoe covers are essential for construction and restoration companies.

Why Shoe Covers are Essential in the Restoration Industry

After damage from stormwater, flooding, fires, and more, restoration companies are typically one of the first on the scene to repair the damage. Stormwater and smoke fumes can do significantly more damage by the minute if not tended to in a timely manner. Restoration specialists need to be able to gear up quickly when responding to the scene with the proper equipment and personal protection. Shoe covers are an essential part of this protection and keep both workers and the workspace safe during the job. 

Shoe Covers Keep your Shoes Clean and Protected

After any water, fire, or mold damage in a home or business, there can be dangerous debris left behind. If pipes are damaged and burst, they may release chemicals such as lead into the water, which will find its way across the floors when flooding occurs. Fires can leave behind soot and invisible odors which will attach to your shoes if disposable shoe covers are not worn. 

Wearing Shoe Covers Prevents the Spread of Dirt and Debris

Wearing shoe covers is an easy way to limit the potential for dirt and debris to spread. In cases of water damage where mold may have grown, it’s important that the mold spores are not spread, which could be dangerous to breathe in. With an automatic disposable shoe cover dispenser and removal system, workers do not have to reach down and put shoe covers on or take them off. This significantly reduces the chance for contaminants to spread. 

Shoe Covers Protect the Floors of your Work Areas

The goal of restoration work is to get your home or building back to normal after any type of significant damage. When damage has occurred in only one part of the house or building, it’s important to protect the rest of the rooms or areas that are undamaged. When shoe covers are worn, workers can quickly put them on and take them off before walking through undamaged areas to ensure that the floors stay as clean and protected as possible, limiting any chances of cross-contamination. 

Shoe Cover Magic takes the hassle out of wearing shoe covers. Our three-step system is fully automatic, meaning that workers will never have to reach down to apply or take off the booties. Not only does this save time and maximize efficiency, it also keeps workers safe. Head to our website to check out our system and learn more about how Shoe Cover Magic can benefit your restoration company. 

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