Why Shoe Covers are Necessary in Daycares – Now More Than Ever

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Why Shoe Covers are Necessary in Daycares – Now More Than Ever

As the COVID-19 pandemic looks as if it’s finally coming to an end, it’s exciting to finally be back spending time with friends, seeing kids return to daycares, and being able to travel. While over half of the U.S. adult population is fully vaccinated, it’s still important to take safety precautions, especially around vulnerable populations. Vaccine trials are still underway for children under 12 years old, which means this group is still susceptible to getting COVID-19 and passing it to others. The summer months mean that most schools are out for summer vacation, but daycare facilities are still in full swing, taking in young children every day who are not able to be vaccinated.

Daycare centers in the past have been known for having outbreaks of disease, although this is expected and understandable in facilities where children are frequently interacting with one another. Many daycares and child care centers were forced to close during the pandemic in order to prevent the would-be inevitable spread of COVID. As they begin to reopen, taking precautions against the spread of disease is more important than ever. This includes promoting thorough handwashing, frequently cleaning items and surfaces, and having workers wear personal protective equipment (PPE). 

While masks are likely the most well-known form of PPE used during the pandemic, other items like gloves and shoe covers are essential to have in daycares. Gloves are great for handling any food or for disposing of potentially contaminated items. Shoe covers are also great in that they can contribute to reducing the number of contaminants and germs that are transferred between separate rooms inside the daycare, as well as reducing germs brought in from outside, in the first place. 

The pandemic has shown us all just how important it is to do everything we can to prevent the spread of highly contagious diseases and illnesses. Daycare centers are just one location where the population is particularly vulnerable, especially as children are currently unable to get vaccinated. Shoe Cover Magic is the solution to outfitting your daycare or child care center with a three-step shoe cover system. Our dispensers and removers are completely hands-free so that you’ll never have to touch the shoe covers to dispose of them, further reducing the spread of germs. To get started building your custom system, visit our website today. 

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