Why Shoe Covers are Needed in the Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic industry packaging requires sanitation and protective gear.

Why Shoe Covers are Needed in the Cosmetic Industry

It may be surprising to learn that, similar to the food industry, the cosmetics industry is strictly regulated by the FDA to ensure consumer safety. Since cosmetic products absorb into the skin of consumers, it is essential that all of the products make it through the manufacturing line without coming into contact with any contaminants. Shoe covers are a great way to reduce the potential exposure of cosmetic products to dirt, debris, and any contaminants that could be harmful to the end-user. 

While working in a cosmetic manufacturing plant, workers are constantly entering and exiting the production rooms, which means that any germs and toxins on the ground can be tracked into the manufacturing room. Wearing disposable shoe covers significantly decreases the chance that these contaminants could end up in the assembly line and make their way into the cosmetics. 

By requiring all workers to wear shoe covers, not only will your cosmetic company prevent the risk of any product contamination, but you’ll also save time and money. If a batch of cosmetics is exposed to any toxins that were tracked in by employees, it’s likely that many of the products in that manufacturing round would need to be discarded. By taking precautions in the first place, this oversight can be avoided. 

Incorporating a shoe cover system into a cosmetic manufacturing facility is easy to do and requires very little upkeep. Simply start with a hands-free dispenser that allows employees to slide their shoes into the machine which then wraps their feet with a shoe cover. When work is finished or employees exit the manufacturing room, all they’ll need to do is step into the remover and the shoe covers will be removed and disposed of. This 3-step system is speedy, safe, and sanitary, ensuring that all the cosmetic products stay protected from potential dirt and debris.

If you’re interested in equipping your facility with a shoe cover system, Shoe Cover Magic has everything you need to keep your products and your employees safe. To get started, visit our website to explore our dispensers, shoe cover options, and removers. If you have any questions about what products would work best for your company, reach out to our team and we’ll create the perfect shoe cover system to meet your needs!

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