Why Shoe Covers are Vital in the Electronics Industry

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Why Shoe Covers are Vital in the Electronics Industry

The Danger of Dust and Debris in Electronics

Dust and debris can be a big problem if found within a computer, cell phone, or other electronic devices, as there can be a multitude of performance issues caused by too much dust buildup inside electronics. Dust and debris can also create a lack of airflow, which can cause many devices to overheat. We’ve also seen fans in electronics run at higher speeds when infiltrated by dust or other particles, which makes them work harder, and at a much louder volume, which leads to underperformance, overheating, and a great risk of overall failure at an accelerated timeline.


The Collection of Particles Brought in By Shoes

If you work in the electronics industry, you most likely know how harmful dust and dirt can be to electronics, but have you thought about how it enters your factories, warehouses, and stores? The majority of dust and dirt is brought in from the outdoors by shoes. Two-thirds of dust comes in from the outside and most of the dirt found indoors is tracked in on shoes. The debris tracked in from shoes ranges from large pieces of dirt to drifting pollen and even the finest solid particles, which can affect your electronics in a negative way. In a home, you can take your shoes off at the door, which makes it easy to stop the spread of dust and dirt from actually entering the home, but this is not the case in a professional setting where shoes should remain on or in a factory where removing shoes becomes a hazard. So how can you prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering a workplace? The best way is through the use of a safe and efficient shoe cover system.


How to Prevent Dust and Debris on Shoes with Shoe Covers

Shoe covers have been used for decades to help keep dirt and germs out of factories and stores. In addition to keeping contaminants out of the workplace, it’s been proven that an effective shoe cover system can save time and keep your employees on task. With automatic shoe cover dispenser and remover systems, workers and employees do not have to reach down to put shoe covers on or take them off. Not only do these aid employees and help them stay on track, but it also reduces the spread of dust and dirt and helps keep your electronics free from outside particles and other debris.


Shoe Cover Magic makes it easy to wear shoe covers in the electronics industry. Our three-step system allows employees to continue on with their daily activities without having to stop their day to apply or remove shoe covers. Not only does this maximize time and energy, but it also keeps employees safe. Visit our website to explore our many shoe cover options, dispensers, and removers and to learn more about how Shoe Cover Magic can benefit your electronics company.

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