The Medical Manufacturing Industry: How We Can Help

Medical manufacturing production workers wearing protective clothing and shoe covers.

The Medical Manufacturing Industry: How We Can Help

In our last blog, we talked about the benefits of our 3-step system in the Medical field. We will now discuss the benefits our products have in the Medical Manufacturing field, as they go hand in hand. The Medical Manufacturing industry creates and provides many of the instruments and various tools that medical fields use – ranging from syringes and needles to IV equipment to hip and knee implants. If there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that we want those instruments to be as clean and sanitary as possible.

We touched on the immense importance of a clean hospital or medical room in our last blog. Whether someone has the flu, or something as severe as cancer, they are in the hospital to get better, not worse. That is why it is so crucial for all medical facilities to use our 3-step system to help ensure cleanliness.

The equipment and tools used to help patients have to be clean. It’s that simple. In order to ensure that, everything needs to be in a clean, working order, starting from step one. That is why all members of the Medical Manufacturing industry should implement our system. We’ll start with the dispenser, take a look at our removers, and finish off with the various shoe cover options we carry.

As workers in the Medical Manufacturing industry are creating, reconstructing, or refurbishing various tools, they must ensure they are clean, as these tools directly affect someone in need of medical assistance. Our dispensers require no electricity and are completely hands-free. That means that the rate and possibility of contamination or errors are vastly reduced. We want these workers to focus on the products they are creating with their hands, not using their hands to place a shoe cover onto their possibly unsanitary shoe. 

As important as it is to apply a shoe cover, it is equally as important to remove one without risking contamination. If a worker heads into a new room in the warehouse, they will need to remove their shoe cover to prevent spreading germs across the facility. Our shoe cover removers help protect against this cross-contamination while getting you back to creating tools that can help save someone’s life. 

We offer 15 different shoe cover models, each with direct benefits for certain industries. The shoe cover most widely used in the manufacturing industry is our SCMSB600 model. This specific shoe cover is completely waterproof, extremely anti-skid, and durable for extra-long wear. These factors provide the most benefits to any manufacturing job.

At Shoe Cover Magic, we think that sanitary is mandatory and that the speed and safety of all employees come first. We know that our 3-step system will change each industry in its own way, and we believe it starts with the basics. The Medical Manufacturing industry should use not only the proper shoe covers but a hands-free dispenser and remover for these products. Get a quote today to get your business on the speedy, safe, and sanitary path. 

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