Why You Need Shoe Covers for Your Summer Yacht Trip

Yacht sailing on the open sea.

Why You Need Shoe Covers for Your Summer Yacht Trip

The barefoot rule for yachts and boats alike is an age-old practice made to keep the teak decks undamaged, and dirty soles away from the clean and sparkling floor. Commonly, shoes stay outside the cabin, and no shoes are worn on deck, also. Street shoes can track in dust, dirt, mud, chewing gum, and even tar that can ruin custom carpets and the other expensive floor coverings most luxury boats have. A lot of people can feel uncomfortable being barefoot, and that is why shoe covers are the way to go on your boating adventures. 

At Shoe Cover Magic, we understand the importance of keeping things clean, while not taking off your shoes. Our three-step system is ideal for yachts and boats to work your way around the barefoot rule. The first step is to choose a dispenser. We offer two dispenser sizes that are unbelievably easy to use. The second step is to select your shoe cover. We would recommend the SCMSB600-ESD shoe cover because it is skid resistant and is one size fits most. It is also white, so it is not too distracting from the rest of your yacht attire. Another great option is the SCMSB600 because it is the most skid-resistant, significantly improving traction and friction. This shoe cover is also great because it is entirely waterproof, which is very important for your time on the water. This cover is one size fits most with the strong elastic band. Your system is complete after the third step, finishing it off with a remover. When it is finally time to take off your shoes, you’ll have three size options to choose from – regular capacity, high capacity at 33 gallons, and high capacity at 55 gallons. You’ll know what’s right for your boat or yacht based on how many people are on board and how often you set sail. 

With our system, your boating trips will be stress-free like they should be. You don’t have to worry about taking off your shoes and throwing them in a basket when you can be comfortable with our shoe covers. They’ll keep the boat way cleaner than your bare feet, and that is something important to remember. Head to our website to look at our three-step system to keep your yacht trips clean and hassle-free. 

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