New Degradable Shoe Covers

New degradable shoe cover

New Degradable Shoe Covers

As sustainability issues take the main stage, it’s essential to think about all the smaller things we do that could have an impact. And, in jobs that require disposable shoe covers, it can be easy to forget what incorrectly disposed of booties can do to the environment. 

Disposable shoe covers are a necessary piece of uniform in many industries. And although shoe booties are primarily associated with the medical and scientific sectors, shoe coverings are also essential to those in real estate, managing restorations, staff on specialized airplanes or yachts, employees in food-processing industries, and many more. 

But, with so many people needing booties every time they’re at work, what happens to the disposed covers? And what about those shoe covers that employees never used and have now passed their shelf life? We’re introducing a new “Green” degradable shoe cover to help both our clients and the environment. 

Wearing the New “Green” Disposable Shoe Covers

The shoe cover is lightweight with an elastic band that fits snugly on most shoe sizes (up to a men’s size 15). The shoe cover is waterproof and suitable for various industries and outdoor work. Its chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) coating makes it soft and pliable, adding to the wearer’s comfort. Plus, the CPE water-resistant coating is very cost-effective, making our new bootie an excellent choice for a smaller budget. An added advantage to the degradable SCMPE-D is its anti-static coating, allowing wearers to transition between floor surfaces without a fuss. 

Disposing of Degradable Shoe Covers

When stored at 30 degrees Celsius, our disposable shoe covers have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing. But what happens if, after a year, you’re left with unused shoe covers? We’ve found an eco-friendly solution. At the end of its product life, provided it’s disposed of in an area where heat, UV light, and oxygen are present, the shoe cover will degrade over a 12 to 24-month period.    

Order Your Degradable Shoe Covers Today

The SCMPE-D degradable shoe covers can be ordered either in bundles of 55 or in cases of 825. Please note that at this time, we are only accepting special bulk orders of this disposable shoe cover model. 

Choose only the best protection so your project or work environment will always be safe and clean. Put your employees and the environment first by ordering your degradable shoe booties today. 

Contact Shoe Cover Magic via email or call us at (606) 393-0949 for more details.

Linda Westbrook

Linda Westbrook is the Sales Manager at Shoe Cover Magic. She has worked in Relationship Sales for over 30 years with 20+ years in Technology Solutions and Product Sales. Throughout her career, Linda has been determined to offer products that create a better work environment and improve productivity for the end-user and their organization. In her spare time, Linda loves spending time with her dog Sammy and reading. She wishes she could say she loves cooking but loves food delivery and her Total Gym.

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